What the Pet Med institute is
and what it does

What is the Pet Med Institute?

Pets trust their wellness to your care. You can trust PMI for Pet eCS wellness Information… and products that maintain a robust eCS tone and address age and stress related discomforts.

Pet Med Institute (PMI) was born of concern for the wellness of our personal companion animal pets. Federally unregulated, Pet CBD Oil is legal in virtually all states for commerce in that state and widely available online. But continuing reports of widespread mislabeling and misrepresentation continue to confuse pet owners about which CBD Oil products are authentic. Authentication would require full panel testing by a reputable third-party analytical laboratory. And, if and when FDA is ready, willing and able to regulate CBD Oils, such full panel testing will need to be done on every batch… a costly process that tests for heavy metals, bacteria and other dangerous microbes common to vegetables and fruits, etc. And they will have to meet the standards that FDA sets for truth in advertising so that what’s on the label is actually in the product… currently most CBD products do not follow these rules because FDA still does not regulate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Without FDA regulations, it’s virtually impossible to really know which CBD is ‘as advertised’ and free of harmful impurities.


PMI’s mission to Shape The Future Of Pet Wellness includes education about the EndoCannabinoid System and identifying authentic eCS Pet products to address this uncertainty.

PMI is following research into science-based products that maintain the endoCannabinoid System in a youthful, robust state but without any Cannabis.

The objective is for the eCS to be able to maintain the homoeostasis process so that it can regulate the immune system’s inflammatory response and help to keep it from developing into ‘chronic systemic inflammation’. Once chronic inflammation occurs, it is very hard to control. Chronic systemic inflammation can cause damage to tissues and organs which yields even more inflammation. Lifespan chronic inflammation leads to age-related discomforts such as arthritis. PEA (PalmitoylEthanolAmide) is known not only as a powerful anti-inflammatory on the immune system but also in the brain. More about this to come.


PMI will continue to bring science-based information about the eCS to the general public and to pet care providing professionals.

PMI is tracking a newly developed, patent-pending, pharmacist formulated non-cannabis composition of matter for companion animals. PMI expects that this all natural composition of matter to be introduced as   products in both topical and dosage form supplemental forms. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ANTICIPATING FDA REGULATION

PMI anticipates that Cannabis will not soon be regulated by FDA because CBD has been approved as a Drug indicated for pediatric seizures. It will be difficult for CBD to become an OTC product while it is an FDA approved drug called Epidiolex®. It’s a paradox that will take some time and serious legislation to resolve.

Your pet trusts their wellness to your care. You can trust PMI to your pets eCS care.